Can I use Triggertrap to start video recording on my SLR camera?

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Short answer:
Probably not.

Long answer:
Triggertrap’s products can currently only operate the shutter button on your camera. This means that we can tell the camera to focus, or to trigger the shutter. On most cameras, the ‘start video’ button is a different button than the shutter button. This means that we cannot start video.

However… On some cameras, you can change the settings in the menu system, so the shutter button starts/stops video. If this is the case for your camera (check your camera’s documentation), then it should be possible to use Triggertrap Mobile to start/stop video recordings.

Finally, some Canon users have reported that using the Magic Lantern custom firmware enables them to start video recording from the shutter button, which means Triggertrap can be used to stop/start video.