My camera doesn’t have a Bulb mode. Does it still work with Triggertrap?

That’s a great question! Basically if your camera has a wired remote socket but no Bulb mode, then some features will work fine, whilst others will not.

Specifically, any long-exposure functions (Press and Hold, Press and Lock, Timed Release, Star Trail, Bramping, LE HDR, and LE HDR Timelapse) will not operate properly, because we use the Bulb mode of your camera to control the shutter.

All the other modes (sensor modes, timelapse modes, simple remote controlling, and Wi-Fi triggering) should work fine without Bulb mode on your camera.

The best way to describe Bulb mode, is as follows: For long exposure shots (such as photos in a HDR set), we are essentially just holding down the shutter button for a predetermined amount of time. So, if you are trying to do a 10-second exposure, we send a 10-second shutter signal to the camera. When your camera is in bulb mode, it means that the shutter opens when we start sending the signal, and it closes again when we stop.

Without Bulb mode, the camera receives a shutter signal, and then triggers for however long you have told it to. If you set your camera to a 2-second exposure in Manual mode, for example, you can press the shutter button for 0.1 second, but it takes a 2-second exposure. If you hold down the button for 10 seconds, it still takes a 2-second exposure (or possibly a series of 2-second exposures, depending on what your camera settings are).