My camera doesn’t have a wired remote. Does it still work with Triggertrap Mobile?

With two notable exceptions (Ricoh and Fujifilm, we’re looking at you), in theory, Triggertrap Mobile supports all cameras that have a wired remote control facility.

To find out which remote your camera needs, check out our Camera Selector.

The easiest way to find out whether your camera has a wired remote, is to Google your camera name and “wired remote”. If you find a load of remote controls for sale for your camera, it’s usually pretty safe to assume we can trigger it.

So… What if my camera does not support wired remotes?

Well, the problem is this: The Triggertrap Mobile has to ‘talk’ to your camera somehow, and the wired remote socket is how your camera ‘listens’. If your camera doesn’t have ears, we can’t talk to it, and unfortunately, that means your camera isn’t supported by Triggertrap Mobile for now. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade to a new SLR camera… this is it!

We are looking into whether it’s possible to use WiFi or IR to trigger cameras in the future, but unfortunately, we don’t know when this would happen.

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