Triggertrap and Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern is a free, open source, firmware add on for Canon EOS Cameras, it's primary purpose is to add a tonne of features which Canon did not originally include. Within Magic Lantern there is one feature in particular that works extraordinarily well with Triggertrap!

Using Triggertrap to start a video recording

Magic Lantern allows you to set the shutter release button to start video recording on many of the video enabled Canon EOS cameras. This means you can use many of the modes on Triggertrap Mobile to start your camera filming. This can be used in many ways, from telling your camera to start recording with a clap (using the sound trigger mode) to keeping an eye on who’s stealing all of the cookies (using the motion mode to trigger the video).

To find out how to enable this within Magic Lantern, check out their extremely comprehensive user guide, see the section titled Movie REC Key.