Finding crash logs

Sometimes when the computing gods are not smiling on us, the app may crash. It helps us a lot if we receive a crash log when this happens. Here's how to find the log files:

If your iOS device crashes..

  • Navigate to the Settings app on your iOS device. Head to Privacy, and then to Diagnostics and Usage, then Diagnostics and Usage Data.
  • Tap on the crash and you will see a text field with a crash log.
  • Long press to Select All and then Copy the crash text.


Sync your device with your computer.

1) Locate the file. Depending on your computer's operating system its location will vary:


  • Select Finder
  • Click 'Go' in the top bar
  • Now hold down the 'alt' key and 'Library' should appear in the list of options
  • Click on 'Library'
  • navigate to here Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice//

The crash logs that we require will have 'Triggertrap' in the name and end with '.crash' as the file extension

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings<USERNAME>\Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter<your device's name>\

Windows Vista & Windows 7

C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice<your device’s name>\

The filename will begin with app's name, so "Triggertrap_" or "Triggertrap Free_". If there's more than one, send them all to us.

2) Email the file to us.

If your Android device crashes

No need to find and email the logs: Google handles this automatically (go Google!!)

If the app crashes, a box will pop up asking if you'd like to send a crash report. When it does, just click send: contrary to popular belief, we do get those crash reports, and as soon as they come in, our Android team dive on them to find out what happened.

Oh, and if possible, could add a few notes on what you were doing at the time. We do follow every one up!

If you need more personal support, drop us a line at and we'll see what we can do.