Triggertrap Selfie FAQ

  • Can I choose which account to tweet from?

    If you have multiple Twitter accounts, you can choose which one to Tweet your #TTSelfie from! Once you've let out a good yell and captured your selfie, you will see a Twitter icon at the bottom of the image. By tapping on the account icon next to the Twitter icon, you can choose which account t...
  • Can I edit the tweet that gets tweeted out?

    Right now, the tweet is fixed. Why can't I change it? Basically, we wanted to create a fun and simple app that we could code up in under 2 weeks. Most of the work went into capturing the photos as well as possible, and we simply ran out of time to add the editing functionality. We may add th...
  • Can I suggest a feature for Triggertrap Selfie?

    Of course you can! As always, you can e-mail us on - just remember to mention Triggertrap Selfie somewhere in the subject line. You can also let us know over on our forum(
  • I can't get the app to take my Triggertrap Selfie!

    To take your photo, the app does two things: It looks for a face in the frame It needs you to shout louder than a certain level for a certain period On the Triggertrap Mobile app, you can clap your hands or click your fingers to take a photo. On Triggertrap Selfie, we are looking for sustained ...
  • Where can I see some great Triggertrap Selfies?

    Easy! All the Triggertrap Selfies that are tweeted out are tweeted with the hashtag TTSelfie - so search Twitter for #TTSelfie(, and feast your eyes!