How can I find out if Triggertrap supports my camera?

The first step would be to go to our Cable Selector tool. Select your camera’s make and model, and see if it tells you which cable to buy.

If it is not listed, then it could still be supported. To find out (and to help us add your camera to the list), please do the following:

Check your camera manual to find out whether it supports a wired remote control. (IR / Wireless remote controls are not what we are looking for in this case). If it doesn’t support a wired remote, please see the additional information about cameras without wired remotes.

Please find out what the name / model number of the official wired remote control is. For the Canon EOS 5D mk3, for example, this would be the “RS-80N3″.

E-mail us, letting us know the make and model of your camera, and a link to the remote control. We’ll do the research to find out whether we support your camera, and will let you know what cable you need to use Triggertrap Products!

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