How does Wi-Fi triggering with Triggertrap Mobile work?

The Wi-Fi triggering mode in Triggertrap Mobile enables photographers to remotely trigger their cameras by using one mobile device as a ‘Slave’, and the other as a ‘Master’.

  1. Both devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. On your Master device, go to the ‘Wi-Fi Master’ in the settings section of the menu (right at the bottom) you’ll find a switch – switch it to ‘on’.
  3. Plug your Triggertrap Mobile Dongle into the Slave device, and connect your dongle to your camera as usual. In the menu, you’ll find a Wi-Fi Slave mode. Press ‘start’, then connect to a Master device. Once you’re connected, you can choose what you want to trigger (such as the internal camera or a Mobile Dongle) as usual.
  4. Go to the triggering mode you want to use on the Master device. Remember to ensure that Wi-Fi triggering is turned on in the top menu. Now, whenever the Master sends a trigger signal, the slaves will trigger!

You can connect as many slave devices to a master as you want. Simply follow the instructions above to connect each slave device to the Master trigger. All the slaves will trigger at the same time.

What if there is no Wi-Fi network available?
If you have an iOS device that has support for ‘Personal Hotspot’, you can use this instead of a traditional Wi-Fi connection to wirelessly trigger. You will need two devices, and one must be an iOS device. You'll be using the iOS device as the Wi-Fi Slave.

Setting up Wi-Fi

I can’t get my Master / Slave system to work!
It is occasionally tricky to get the two systems to talk to each other. If that happens to you, try going through these steps:
1. Turn on Airplane Mode on all devices. This resets all the network connections
2. Turn off Airplane Mode on all devices after 10 seconds.
3. Connect to the Wi-Fi network on all devices
4. Launch Triggertrap Mobile, and turn off Master Mode on both devices
5. Enter Slave Mode on all the devices you want to operate as Slaves
6. Turn on Master Mode again on your Master device
7. The Master device will show up on all the Slave devices, so you will now be able to connect properly.