Where are all the Android features?

If you've been comparing the Triggertrap Mobile features on our Triggertrap Mobile page, you'll have spotted that the iOS app and the Android app have different sensor modes available.

We want the Android version to have the same functionality as iOS, but unfortunately we can't estimate when that will be. The problem is that the Android market is so expansive and fast paced that it is taking longer to code the app than we thought. We want the functions to work perfectly across all devices, and for that reason it is going to take some time, which we are really sorry for. On the plus side, the Android app has something the iOS guys don't have yet: Running in the background.

If you're wondering why we have two apps available on iOS and not on Android, we decided to release them both on one platform first just as we did with Triggertrap Mobile. This platform happens to be iOS as this is what the majority of our users are on, and therefore it makes the most sense for us. We launched these apps early in their development cycle precisely to be able to get a ton of feedback from our users, and to help prioritise our future development work.