I just installed Triggertrap Mobile 2.0... Where did feature X go?

Very pleased that you've updated to Triggertrap Mobile 2.0! You may have spotted that there are a couple of features, functions, and languages that were in version 1.x, that are no longer in the newest version of the app.

As you may also have noticed, the new app has a completely new design -- Basically, what we did was that we completely disassembled the app, and put it back together again.

As part of this redesign and redevelopment process, we also took a careful look at each feature. For a few of the features, we decided we weren't happy with how well they were working in the original version of the app, so we decided to take this opportunity to make things better. Much, much better.

We also decided that we really wanted to launch our new app design alongside iOS 7, which meant that we didn't have a chance to finish all the modes.

The 2.0 update isn't the end of the road: We have tons of plans for what's coming up next, but unfortunately we can't give a precise estimate of when each feature is coming back... But rest assured that we're working hard on further updates with new features, better versions of old features, and a better Triggertrap Mobile experience for everyone!

Finally, if you have any suggestions for things you would like to see in the app, we warmly welcome you to let us know in the Triggertrap forum!