FAQ: What does Kickstarter say about Triggertrap Ada's failure to deliver?

Kickstarter has not made a public statement specifically about Triggertrap Ada, but our backers report that the below is the reply Kickstarter have given to them when they are contacted about Triggertrap's Kickstarter project:

As the creators and stewards of Kickstarter, we hate more than anything when a project doesn't come to fruition. Allowing creators to take risks and attempt to bring something new to life is the backbone of what we do. However, we also understand that there is an inherent level of risk in any creation process. Kickstarter is built around minimizing that risk through all-or-nothing funding, which allows the collective voice of the people to decide which projects reach their goal. On our end, we review projects, uphold our rules, practice careful governance, and use anti-fraud filtering. The foundation of the entire system, however, is the collective wisdom of the people who back projects.

Still, despite a creator's best efforts, some projects won't always come together as planned. In these situations we make ourselves available to creators to help however we can, and we encourage them to be as open as possible with their backers about the obstacles they face. But no matter our efforts, projects will sometimes fail to come together as planned and backers will sometimes be disappointed in outcomes. We cannot issue refunds on behalf of a creator. That said, we strive to constantly learn from this, and to make sure that expectations are appropriately set for backers (like on our Trust & Safety page).

The rest of the Triggertrap Ada FAQ can be found here. If you have any questions that aren't covered, we are happy to help - please reach out at hello@triggertrap.com