FAQ: What do you recommend as a high-speed trigger instead of Triggertrap Ada?

We are heartbroken that Triggertrap Ada is not coming to fruition, but we're aware that quite a few of our customers are still keen to try out high-speed photography.

  1. Camera Axe is a powerful, flexible high-speed camera trigger that is open source, and easy to use. Through the end of May, they are offering a 20% discount to anyone who was a backer of the Triggertrap Ada Kickstarter project. For more information, see the Camera Axe site.
  2. Stopshot is another alternative from Cognisys, a company that sells a series of high-speed and droplet photography solutions.
  3. u-Trigger is new camera trigger on market. We haven't tried it ourselves yet, but it may be worth a look at u-trigger.com! They offer a 50% discount with coupon code 'BACKER_HELP-50%'.
  4. Miops is a fellow Kickstarter alumni, whose products should start shipping any day now.

Triggertrap is not affiliated with any of the businesses listed on this page. We do not receive a commission or other consideration for any purchases made from these recommendations.

The rest of the Triggertrap Ada FAQ can be found here. If you have any questions that aren't covered, we are happy to help - please reach out at hello@triggertrap.com