FAQ: Where can I contact Triggertrap / Why did you delete my comment?

We have a strict policy re: deleting comments made in public about Triggertrap. The most basic one is this: We do not delete comments. We believe in an open and frank discourse, and welcome feedback and suggestions.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

  1. We do not tolerate abuse. We understand that you are upset, but ultimately, Triggertrap staff are human, and we deserve to be treated as such. We don't mind a bit of rough language, but abuse, and swearing at Triggertrap staff or fellow customers is inappropriate, and such comments will be removed.
  2. No personal details. There is a right way of contacting us, and that is - for most things - hello@triggertrap.com. There is no need to share any personal details of Triggertrap staff, suppliers, or fellow backers beyond this.

To contact Triggertrap

As mentioned above, for most things, the best way of contacting us with questions is at hello@triggertrap.com. We generally get back to everyone within one working day.

A few of you have expressed an interest in sending us documents in the post. The correct address for that is to send your documents to our registered address, which is listed below.

Triggertrap Ltd
1 London Bridge
United Kingdom

The rest of the Triggertrap Ada FAQ can be found here. If you have any questions that aren't covered, we are happy to help - please reach out at hello@triggertrap.com

Link to this FAQ entry: http://tri.gg/faq-adacontact