FAQ: Would it be possible to make a kit / DIY version of Ada?

We think it is a good idea to try to make a kit version of Triggertrap Ada, but we haven't yet explored what a 'kit' would be, whether it's feasible, or how we would go about creating one.

Right now, we are focusing on processing the refunds to everyone who backed our campaign as soon as possible, and to ensure we release the schematics and source code under open source licences. From there, we are hoping to be able to work with our wider open source community to find out whether it would be possible to take what we've done so far and turn it into a kit, whether that manifests itself as an Arduino shield, or a more elaborate kit.

We have started a discussion thread on the Triggertrap Ada forum - if you have ideas for what form a Kit could take, or if you're eager to help make this become a reality once the schematics etc are released, we'd love to hear from you.

The rest of the Triggertrap Ada FAQ can be found here. If you have any questions that aren't covered, we are happy to help - please reach out at hello@triggertrap.com

Link to this FAQ entry: http://tri.gg/faq-adakit