How do I spend my Triggertrap Ada shop credit?

If you select the 50% shop credit refund option, you will be sent an email from our shop with a gift card code for the 50% amount. To spend this gift card:
1. Please keep an note of the gift card code.
2. Go to
3. Select the items you would like to purchase and then click on your basket and go to Checkout.
4. Select the Shipping Method you would prefer.
5. Under 'Billing & Payment', you should see 'Have a gift card? Click here to enter it' - Click on this text!
Your text to link here...
6. Enter your gift card code and select 'Apply'
Your text to link here...
7. Fill in the rest of your details and place your order.

Your store credit does not expire. If you do not use it all in one transaction, you can use the remainder on your next transaction be entering the same code at checkout again.